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Any system which limits access to an area, whether it's an electronic lock, a keyed lock, or a mechanical keypad lock, is an access control system. Nearly every building with a security system in New York uses some sort of access control.

The better access control systems in NYC allow not only access limited only to those given permission, but record who comes and goes and when (and even by which door). Some are sophisticated electronic identification devices that use biometrics (body readings, such as fingerprints) to allow access. Others use swiped cards, proximity sensors, etc.

At Lineup Security NYC, we are access control specialists and will work with you to find the best NYC security system to match your needs and budget in NYC. With a free on-site consultation, expert recommendations, and customer service second to none, we're sure that you will find Lineup Security to be your choice.
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Keypads types

Keypads in New York come in many shapes and sizes, but all have the same function: to restrict access to only those who have a personal identification number (PIN) to unlock the door. Some can only use one number, others can have hundreds programmed into them. Still others require the presence of a secondary ID such as a swiped card or a device that it can read. Some even require a physical key as well as the PIN.

The security of any keypad-based lock is to keep the PIN code secure. Many small complexes and single-occupant buildings for businesses or residence will have a simple keypad lock. Some larger buildings with more complex security needs will have these installed on specific entry ways or access points as additional security over and above biometric or other identification systemsin New York.


For the more common everyday user, keypads in NYC have several advantages over magnetic or proximity card readers in NYC. First and foremost, there is nothing to lose. So if your home or apartment is to be secured, this solution means you no longer have to remember your keys or even where they are.

A business with just a few employees may find it easier and no one needs to remember their magnetic card or key fob. These are also a common solution to offices which need to restrict access only to specific rooms or closets, such as a file room, utility closet, or secured elevator.

Finally, the installation and maintenance is often more affordable up-front than the more complex systems. There are no cards, keys, or other devices to maintain, update, or buy. Codes are easily changed whenever it is needed and usually this requires no service call or technician to do.

Here at Lineup Security NYC, we install and service NYC access control systems both big and small. If you have or would like to find out how to benefit from a keypad-based lock system, give us a call. We offer free on-site consultations and the best customer service in the NYC area.
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