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Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems

An alarm system is made to do two things: detect when an unauthorized intruder or thief has entered or is attempting to enter the premises and alert the building owner and authorities.

This is done by using alert components such as contacts, glass breaker and motion detectors, door and window sensors, and other devices that connect to an alarm board and controller which has a keypad that allows the alarm's owner and authorized persons to control the system.

When one of those alert components, or sensors, is tripped, a signal is sent to a NYC monitoring station, a siren is often activated (to deter the criminal) and the police are informed through the centralized 24/7 monitoring station in New York.

An alarm system can be set up to guard one door or many, one window or several, and are used in both homes and offices in NYC . They are usually quickly installed by a professional and are easy to operate and maintain.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

The wireless alarm systems in NYC use sensors and components that use battery power and communicate with one another using radio or other frequencies. The control panel will be hard-wired to full-time power with a battery backup in case of an outage in New York.

Not only does this Security system require less intrusion into the home or building to install, it can also be easier to hide for aesthetic or security reasons. On good, professional-grade systems, when batteries in components begin to run low, an alert will appear on the control panel so the owner knows.

The disadvantages to a wireless alarm system in NYC is interference from electromagnetic or radio frequency waves. Batteries must be periodically replaced as well, of course. So these Security systems will require a little more maintenance than their hard-wired counterparts.

Wired Alarm Systems

The wired alarm systems in NYC use hard wiring to both a constant power source as well as between components and the control panel to stay in communications. The control panel often has a battery backup and will sense when one of its components is in need of repair or replacement.

These security systems require more installation work and can be intrusive into current aesthetics, but the hard-wired system is more reliable and requires less maintenance once installed.

To find out which security system is right for your needs, give Lineup Security NYC a call. A consultation with one of our experts is free and we'll be happy to answer your questions about alarm system options in the New York area.

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