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Nearly every New York intercom system consists of an outside panel with call buttons, each of which ties to a call station inside the building. Each panel and station has a speaker and microphone to allow voice communication between those outside and those inside.

This NYC intercom system is wired from the outside panel to each of the individual interior call stations through a control system that acts in a way similar to a telephone switchboard. It is the “brains” of the system, matching the button pushed outside to the correct unit inside.

All NYC intercom system types, whatever their make and mode, are low-voltage for safety and lower maintenance operations. Most are also tied to door release devices (commonly called “buzzers”) that are magnetized locks tied to the intercom system so that those inside can allow access to the building to those outside remotely.

Here at Lineup Security NYC, we are experts in every type and model of intercom system in NYC and can service, repair, upgrade, replace or install any intercom system in the New York area.
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Intercom Systems

Common NYC intercom systems allow rooms or apartments to communicate with one another as well as those outside. Most intercom systems in NYC are employed for security so that people on the street who don't live in a building must ask for permission to enter (thus proving that they have business there). Those inside the building in NYC can grant or deny access as they wish.

Here at Lineup Security NYC, we can service, install, upgrade, or otherwise work with your intercom system in New York and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation and on-site evaluation of your needs. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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Because we here at Lineup Security NYC service and install all name brand intercom systems in the New York area, we understand their complexity and how frustrating it is when they stop working. We can quickly and accurately fix your system at fair prices.

We are experienced with Siedel, AiPhone, Apple Core, Leedan, Elvox, BPT, Panasonic, Xantech, Comelit, M&S, Russound, Liftmaster, and many other systems.

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