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The next generation of intercom systems is Video. These systems allow voice and video communication, giving much better security.

Multi-UnitsThe video intercom system works the same way the voice-only units do, but ads the extra component of video to better identify to whom you're speaking. A camera, coupled to the audio intercom system, can be right on the intercom panel or somewhere in the doorway or stoop. The call station inside the building (or stations) will have a video monitor for viewing as well as talking. This results in much better security for New Yorkers.

When it comes to intercom systems, the most common question we are asked here at Lineup Security NYC is how to upgrade an existing intercom system to include video.

Most people are under the impression that their existing audio intercom system will have to be completely replaced. Most of the time, however, if the system is newer, we can often piggyback the video system on top of rather than doing a full replacement of wiring and systems.

We also repair, service, and maintain intercome systems in the New York area and we service every type of intercom system, so whatever you have, we can help.

Call us today and let's talk about your intercom system needs. Our consultation and on-site evaluations are free of charge and you'll find that our customer service is the best you can get in New York.

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Upgrade Existing Intercom System

Lineup Security NYC not only installs new systems, we also service and maintain and even upgrade your existing intercom system in New York City. We can upgrade and replace most existing audio-only intercom systems in the NYC area to video intercom system installations.

And whether we installed the system or not, we can repair it for you. We repair all brands and types of video intercoms in NYC. We can even extend them into new rooms or areas of your building.

Video intercom systems can be split to create separate accounts for each room, some with video and some without, at your discretion and need.

There are many security advantages to good video intercoms in New York and they can give great peace of mind as well. You can not just hear, but also see who's there and you can even turn the video and audio feeds on whenever you'd like, whether buzzed or not, to watch what is going on at the stoop.

Give Lineup Security NYC a call today for a free, no obligation consultation about your intercom needs.

Intercom Systems In NYC

The bygone days of intercom systems in New York being just glorified doorbells with buzzers are gone and now are very sophisticated. Intercoms can be set up to not only monitor who comes and goes from a building, but even activate other building systems. It's not uncommon for an office building in NYC to have the intercom and door buzzer not only allow entry, but summon the elevator and activate the lighting in the foyer for the visitor.

Intercom systems in NYC also allow inter-communication between building occupants so that someone on the third floor can talk to someone on the second and not just to the front door. These internal communication systems can save valuable time and money for many businesses.

There are many more options for an intercom system than just activating a door lock or talking to someone through a plate on the wall. Intercoms are integrated with phone systems, video feeds, building systems, and more.

Call Lineup Security NYC today and let's talk about the intercom options possible for your building and needs. Our consultations are always free.
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