Commercial Access Control Systems

With a busy New York office, you've probably never really considered your lifetime budget for your business' expenses in tracking, re-tooling, and replacing security locks, keys, and the technicians to do all that. Most businesses will find that in the past five to ten years, it's been a sizable expense.

Keeping track of who has access, who comes and who goes, when they do so, and how secure your business is can be a time-consuming drain on your bottom line. An access control system can end all of that and start putting that money back into your business where it belongs.

A good access control system will allow you to issue identification cards to employees and contractors such as janitorial staff, freelancers, and even visitors. These allow you complete, real-time control of who can have access to the premises or even individual portions of your building, as you see fit.

Commercial Access control system
Advanced access control system installed in the building of Wework

Seasonal staff, temporary workers, and regular, full-time staff and management can all be given varying access rights according to the requirements of their work. So janitorial may be allowed access to the main parts of the building only at night and only through a specific door while temporary workers may be allowed access only to specific areas and then have that access turned off automatically when their employment is up.

Changes, upgrades, deletions, and more to these access privileges can be easily handled by you or your designated management at any time and virtually from any location. You can add, remove, change access for, and otherwise work with NYC users even if you're currently in Chicago or Detroit. Through our remote-capable, user-friendly, and secure software, you can have online access at any time to make the changes needed.

To find out more how an automated, secure, electronic access control system in NYC can benefit your business and to schedule a free, on-site consultation with one of our security experts, give Lineup Security NYC a call today. We're happy to talk with you and show you what's possible, give you a line-by-line estimate, and meet your security and budgetary needs.

Customized Access Control Systems

Access control systems in NYC and the surrounds are well-adapted to the needs of commercial applications here. Most professional buildings in the New York area have some kind of access control system installed, many with more modern, electronic services.

There are many features available with today's access control systems and which is best for your needs will depend upon your requirements and budget. Our technicians and experts are happy to come out for a free, on-site consultation to look at your building, assess your security concerns, and show you what can be done at a much lower cost than you might think.

These custom, New York City designed systems can often be added as augmentation to existing controls such as doors, locks, intercoms, etc. Most of these systems need little maintenance and only the rare service call for repair. This is nearly always a one-time installation and repair. Of course, we stand behind every installation we make and proudly warranty our service.

Finally, over time, your access control system in New York will prove to be a budget saving implementation as it reduces your maintenance, key and lock re-tool, and related costs. It will also likely lower your insurance and other costs and it is a capital improvement, so it is not usually taxable.

Commercial Sceneries

There are many application scenarios for a New York access control system. If your company has problems with data integrity, security-related issues with tracking employees and visitors, or other similar concerns, then electronic access control is definitely something for you to consider.

Network administrators, especially of sensitive and secured networks, demand limited-access facilities for their equipment. Sensitive medical, employee, business, securities, tax, and other files may also be best served with a strong access control system in place.

Many legal requirements demand a fully traceable access security system in NYC be in place for certain kinds of files and equipment. In that case, electronic access control is a must.

In all of these cases, Lineup Security NYC can definitely help. We have been in business for over a decade, have the best security experts in the New York area on our staff, and are licensed, bonded, insured, and provide the best customer care in NYC. Call us today for a free, on-site consultation to assess your needs.
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