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You manage or own a building in NYC, that has different entrances and public areas maybe elevators as well. For liability and security purposes in New York you want to be able to view events as they accurse with the ability to review them as needed in the future.

So you can choose to install CCTV cameras at places like the perimeter of the building by the main entrance, by the side or service entrances , Places like the lobby, gym, sitting areas, elevators Etc…

Remember a New York surveillance system is first; a deterrent and second submissive evidence in any court of law with a unique DVR water mark.
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Commercial CCTV Systems

Closed circuit televisions in NYC have many relevant commercial applications in NYC. Footage taken on closed circuit systems counts as legal evidence and can be used in a court of law.

Footage can be monitored in a remote facility not only from NYC area - be it a headquarter office or a home office.

Costs are low: storage costs are low - footage can be burned onto DVD discs and stored as legal evidence.

Maintenance costs in New York are low, since the cameras are designed to be constantly running in inclement conditions.

Closed circuit TV in NYC requires just a one-time installation, and is upgradeable - more advanced cameras - and extendable - cameras in more places - at any time.

Closed Circuit TV

Is a system of cameras set up, connected to a headquarters, with continuously monitored recording.

You can watch, play footage back, and store camera footage anywhere in NYC -- which can count as legal evidence. It is often combined with access control systems in NYC, since it is not a form of locking, but of monitoring.

Clients in New York have used closed circuit televisions to monitor their employees at work -- for example, in bars in NYC -- or their resources -- servers and server farms for high-tech companies in New York. Closed circuit systems also monitor surroundings, either indoors or outdoors.

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