Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks

Electronically controlled locks are locks that can be opened remotely without the use of a conventional key to turn the lock mechanism. These electronic locks are usually integrated with security systems, intercom systems, or access control systems to let the owner or user unlock a door without having to be at the door to do so.

These are usually called “door buzzers” or electric door latches. These electronic locks are not only convenient, but are a great security enhancement. They can work with time attendance systems, alarm systems, or even home or office telephone systems.

A key part of most advanced security systems, electronic locks can provide the quality to determine a high security level accompanied by enough convenience that the effective measures of the other security measures won't be ignored.

Biometric Locks
Biometric Locks Many offices, businesses, and even homes are now using biometric locks. These systems can replace most standard entry systems (latches, locks, etc.) including deadbolts. Biometric locks offer the easiest and most secure of keyless entry options. Read More
Combination Locks
Combination Locks Combination locks are a simple and inexpensive way to get keyless entry and rudimentary access control. They are lower-cost, easier to install, and require less intrusion for installation than full access control systems. Read More
Electric Bolt Locks
Electric Bolt Locks Electric bolt locks are strong and secure locks that can be used with most types of doors and intergrated with most types of access control systems or Intercom systems (or both). Read More
Electric Door Strikes
Electric Door Strikes Electric Door StrikesElectro mechanical device that is installed on the door jam and is used to lock and release most common door lock hardware that is currently installed. The electric strike comes in different shapes and functions to fit different applications, doors and locks. Read More
Magnetic Locks
Magnetic Locks Magnetic locks vary in size and force according the application it is used for. The magnetic lock can be used to work on any door and any jam and it does not require any other lock hardware. Read More
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