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We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding your Business & Home security Systems. If your questions or concerns have not been addressed, please contact us.

I have an old building. Can I install an intercom system?

Yes, an intercom system can be installed into any building – even video intercoms.  The disruption is usually minimal if the right system for you is installed by professionals.

How do I achieve a keyless entry system for my office?

We can install an access control system at your entrance doors and even on access-sensitive interior doors.  An access control system allows only those you wish to have access the ability to get into the building, office, specific rooms, etc.  These can be secured with keyed numbers, scan cards, biometric (such as thumbprint) readers, etc.

Can I view my CCTV (closed circuit television) system remotely?

Yes, many CCTV systems have the ability to record to a digital video recorder (DVR) and be broadcast securely over the Internet.

Can I upgrade my existing intercom system to a video intercom?

Yes, Linup Security can find the best retrofit to replace current audio-only systems with a video feed capability.

Which is better, a hard wired alarm system or a wireless alarm system?

It is a question of application. In general, however, a hard-wired alarm system is more reliable and less susceptible to interference. A wireless alarm system, however, is easier and cheaper to install, has no visible wires, and can be less obtrusive.

Most often, new construction or during remodel, a wired system will be installed as the wires and some components can be hidden before finish carpentry and paint are applied. Existing structures and installations into rental units by tenants generally benefit from the unobtrusive, low-impact installation requirements of a wireless system.

Are DVR (digital video recordings) acceptable in a court of law as evidence?

Yes, a properly recorded DVR from a security system will watermark the images it stores as proof of their authenticity, making them acceptable in court. 

Does Lineup Security offer maintenance and service contracts on existing security systems which you did not install?

Yes, Lineup Security offers a full range of maintenance, service, and warranty contracts for everything we install as well as for existing systems, whether we installed them or not. For existing systems, we will do a full assessment of the system and offer you a full service agreement or maintenance plan that covers the labor and equipment to repair and maintain that system.

What is the best way to restrict access to sensitive areas?

An access control system is usually the best option for securing sensitive areas such as file rooms, storage spaces, data centers, etc.  These can be configured so that only users with the proper identification, whether it's a card, a biometric reading (such as a thumb print), or a password/PIN will be able to open the door.  In addition, with most systems these entries can be recorded and stored for audit and security investigations.

Will installing an alarm system on my home lower my homeowners insurance costs?

Yes, in nearly every case, insurance companies have discounts available for those homeowners who choose to install a quality alarm system.  Often, these discounts are from 10-25% off your premiums.

If I install an access control system, can those same ID cards or even thumbprints be used for attendance/time card records?

Yes, an integrated system can be installed that combines the access control entry system with the time attendance system.  The records of entries/exits and time card attendance can be combined for single audit or kept separate for security needs (or both). 

How can I tell if doors or windows are left open in my space when I'm not there or before I leave after locking up?

Alarm contacts in both doors and windows can be installed that connect to the digital LCD pads for your alarm system.  These can alert you on-site or even contact you via email or cell phone (SMS text) when doors are left open or are opened while you're away.

Is the installation of a security system considered a capital improvement on a property?

Yes, most CCTV, intercom, and new security system installations are considered a capital improvement and do not require sales tax. 

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