Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

One of the most useful and practical methods to ensure safety is intercom systems.

An intercom is a stand-alone voice communication system that can be used in building to allow communication from outside the building (usually at the entrance) to the apartments in the building. Some intercoms are connected to video cameras, enabling residents to see who's calling them from outside.

Intercom systems are a great means of communication in an apartment building: you can use them to tell the doorman you're expecting a friend, or tell the deliveryman to place your packages outside the door. But first and foremost, they allow you to control who comes into your building, thus enabling you to feel safe and secure that no one malicious will get in.

Intercom Products and Services we offer include:

  • Multi-UnitsIntercom system Installation at apartment buildings, office and private homes.
  • Intercom system repair service.
  • Audio / Video intercom systems.
  • Wireless intercom system.
  • IP Based Audio and Video Intercom Systems.
  • Multi-Tenant Audio, Audio-Video Intercom System.

Get an Advanced Intercom System Today

Is your building or institution in need of an intercom system? You can now buy an advanced, state-of-the-art intercom system at Lineup Security NYC. We provide the most modern, technologically advanced intercom systems, including audio intercom systems, voip intercom systems, intercom systems with cameras, etc.

We have over 20 years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining intercom systems in the New York area. We are experienced with Siedel, AiPhone, Apple Core, Leedan, Elvox, BPT, Panasonic, Xantech, Comelit, M&S, Russound, Liftmaster, and many other systems. 

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Selected Intercom Systems Projects

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Intercom System Repair Service in New York City

Is your intercom system in need of repair? if your intercom breaks down or doesn't function properly for some reason, you will want it fixed right away. Lineup Security NYC provides intercom systems repair service 24 hours a day in the New York City area. We can repair existing systems, even if we did not do their original installation.

If your intercom system is suffering from problems such as bad feedback, hums or it simply isn't working (no sound can be heard, the camera doesn't function), it's time to contact us. We'll make sure your intercom system is up and running in no time.

Other Uses for Intercom Systems

Intercom systems have other uses. Home intercom systems can be used inside the apartment, to communicate from room to room. Office intercom systems are highly practical for offices, as are school intercom systems/PA systems for schools.

All these types of intercoms facilitate communication between rooms and between offices, as well as communication from outside the establishment to its inside, in cases of deliveries, visitors and so on.

Most NYC intercom installations are designed so that someone wishing to enter the building or a home rings the occupants and requests permission to enter by voice. They are then granted or denied access, with either a door “buzzer” unlocking the latch or someone physically coming to and opening the door.

An intercom system in NYC usually consists of an outdoor panel with call buttons designating each office or apartment in the building and individual stations within each office or apartment in the building that correspond.

Phone Intergrated Systems

Also called Phone Entry Systems, these are a phone based intercom system that work similarly to other intercom systems except the buzzer at the front door calls your phone system rather than a traditional indoor intercom unit.

These are commonly seen in offices and secure reception areas and are also used in many older buildings where wiring a new intercom system would be troublesome.

In New York City, phone entry systems are usually very cost-effective to install and maintain as they require little wiring. They also have the added advantage of being operable from anywhere, so using a phone entry system tied to your mobile phone, you could let service and maintenance or housekeeping people into your home or office without having to be there.

Whatever your video intercom or phone integrated system needs are, Lineup Security NYC can help. We have experts who will come to your residence or business, assess your needs, and talk with you about how the various options for intercom systems could help your New York area building. These consultations are free of charge and come with a warrantied estimate with line-by-line costs. Call us today and let's talk intercoms.
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