Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic locks vary in size and force according the application it is used for. The magnetic lock can be used to work on any door and any jam and it does not require any other lock hardware.

Magnetic locks can be connected to centralized fire alarm panel to keep doors open in case of an emergency.

Advantages of Magnetic Locks

  • The magnetic lock is the strongest and most secure type of all the electronic lock.
  • Magnetic locks vary in size and force, according to the application they are used for
  • Magnetic locks can work on any door and on any jamb, and they do not require any other lock hardware to secure the door.
  • Magnetic locks are the only electric locks that work on frameless glass doors.
  • Magnetic locks are powered by a safe low-voltage power supply and allow you to open and close doors remotely.
  • Magnetic locks can be integrated with an intercom system and or an access control system.
  • The magnetic lock used can be connected to centrlized fire alarm panel to unlock the doors incase of emergrncy.

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