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A maintenance agreement has many benefits for the upkeep required to keep a security system in NYC and its various parts, as well as the labor involved, working in top condition. A maintenance agreement is similar to an extended warranty policy. This is a policy on your most valuable of goods: those which you've chosen to protect with a Lineup Security NYC system.

When we here at Lineup Security NYC complete a project, we warranty both the equipment and the labor to repair or replace in case of failure. While this happens only rarely, technical systems do break down and we back up what we've installed.

A NYC Security Systems Maintenance Agreement will cover that equipment after the first year, when the original warranty has expired. Lineup Security NYC offers annual maintenance agreements that cover everything that can go wrong at no out of pocket expense once the premium has been paid.
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Why Get A Maintnce Agreement?

With a yearly maintenance program, Lineup Security NYC will also make a bi-annual visit to check the maintenance, status, etc. of your equipment. This often helps us find problems before they become an issue and repair them right away.

The premium for this yearly maintenance agreement in NYC is very affordable and is based on the total cost and value of the equipment and labor when it was new.

Let Lineup Security NYC come discuss your maintenance agreement with a no cost, no obligation assessment today.
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