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Lineup Security NYC provides the New York City area with full security services for both residential and commercial accounts. We offer around the clock quality service and repair in the greater NYC area as well as regular maintenance, installations, and more.

We strive to be your one-stop and best security services company. So when you choose us for your security needs, we are committed to providing excellence and quality on top of the best customer care in NYC.

Being in New York, your building likely already has a security system in place, but perhaps you would like to know how your security needs can be matched with an upgrade, repair, or replacement of those security systems. From intercom to CCTV, door buzzers to electronic access control, from employee time tracking to phone systems and maintenance, Lineup Security can solve your problem.
Access control system starts from $1390

Why Lineup Security NYC?

We have trained technicians in every aspect of NYC security from doors to windows and from networks to phones, we have someone who is an expert. We use only the best hardware and systems available and we warranty and back up everything we install.

Your security system likely has a costly contract for maintenance, repair, and 24/7 monitoring. Talk to us about how we can lower your costs and provide you with better service in the bargain.

The apartments, offices, and other buildings you manage need security systems for the protection of property and the people inside it. Here at Lineup Security, we specialize in optimum customer care and we can help you today.
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