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A DVR (digital video recorder) who is responsible for organizing the viewing of the cameras by number or name or location and the recording of the images broadcasted by the cameras in NYC.

The monitor is the device that screens the live or recorded images send from the DVR. The system can be also setup with an internet connection that will allow remote monitoring and managing of the images from any computer anywhere in NYC or any where.

Monitoring And Recording

Closed circuit TV in NYC is a system of cameras with continuously monitored recording hooked up to a headquarters, often a digital video recorder, or DVR -- through a wireless connection.

The DVR has a hard drive that stores footage and backs up files, which can then be archived on DVDs. Our DVRs can record up to four months of continuous footage.


All footage in NYC, whether archived on DVDs or stored on the DVR, can be used as legal evidence.

Owners in New York do not need to be on-site to go through footage.

We can set up the CCTV's headquarters wherever is most convenient -- at the office, at home, or somewhere else.

Footage from NYC can be watched at any time, and live feeds can be watched real-time, when connected to the Internet.
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