Proximity Access Control (Card)

Many businesses or building owners prefer proximity access control systems because they are less obtrusive and simpler to use than magnetic access card readers. They are often more cosmetically appealing than some other technologies as well.

Magnetic CardsProximity cards use electronic chips inside identification cards to communicate with a reader (sometimes hidden) as a person comes within range. These proximity card systems are most often used when convenience for the cardholder is important or when sensitivity of a building's cosmetics is a concern.

The sensors can be installed inside walls, behind protective coverings, or hidden by cosmetic ornaments and the users do not even need to be aware of the reader's location. They work when the card (or key fob) is within range of the sensor and are automatic.

Lineup Security NYC has experts on hand who can come to your building to an on-site consultation, free of charge, to see if a proximity card access control system is right for you. You might be surprised at how affordable they are and how much they could ad to your building's value.


The greatest advantages of proximity access control are ease of use and cosmetics in architecture.

Nearly every building owner or manager who has a system of proximity cards compliments the system's extreme ease of use. Card holders do not need to hunt for their card at the door before gaining access, swipe a card into a reader, or set down packages in order to use the door lock. Just having the card within range of the door's card proximity reader will unlock the door for them.

Cosmetically, many buildings in the New York area are sensitive to changes and the addition of modern-appearing equipment. Older buildings or new construction with a specific appeal in mind might be changed cosmetically in considerable ways if obvious card readers and other systems are used. For these buildings, proximity readers are usually the solution.

Further, proximity cards have the same advantages as swiped magnetic cards. They are easily changed in the system, manageable remotely, and give lower costs over time to buildings with high tenant or employee turnover in NYC. When someone leaves, the card is simply turned off. No re-keying, no lock changes, and very little expense (none at all of the card is returned).

Peace Of Mind

This comes from the ability to not only enable and disable entry cards, but also the easy ability to record both entrances and exits from a building. Records can be kept of the person's entry—including which door, what time, etc.--and also of their exit. So a tenant entering by Door A at 09:00 is recorded and upon leaving again, at 12:00 by Door B, is once again recorded.

Finally, access can be limited to certain areas, limited by hour and day of week, and so forth. Landlords and building managers can not only control that access, but do it without needing to be present.
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