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If you own or manage a residential building in the New York area, you are likely concerned about the security of the premises and tenants.

Apartment building access controlFor example, your building has a common lobby and mail boxes, a premium-access (extra rent is paid) gym and fitness room, and a convenient laundry room for tenants. You need to control access to the lobby for only those that are allowed (tenants and their guests). You need to control the gym so that only those who pay the extra fees have access. You need to control the laundry room so that only tenants (and not the entirety of New York) have access. Finally, you need to allow access to those common areas so that housekeeping can clean them.

You definitely need an electronic access control system.

Keyed systems worked when they were all that was available, but they are outdated, cumbersome, and too easily compromised. Using an electronic system, only tenants who have cards to allow access can get into those areas secured by your system. The front door can be protected by both an access card system and an intercom so that one or the other can disengage the lock to allow access to both tenants and guests.

We are NYC access control specialists and can make a highly customized system for your needs and to meet your budget. Call us today for a free on-site consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts in the NYC area. We'll come to you and show you how we can help you secure your premises and do it with your budget in mind.

Access Control Custom Made

While there are some highly sophisticated electronic systems that control access to some buildings in NYC, the simpler, less sophisticated, but still very secure systems are the more common residential applications used.

Some are simple off-the-shelf solutions, such as doors with physical number pads so that a PIN is entered to allow entry. The better ones are fully electronic and allow more flexible control. A good access control system in New York allows the property's owner or manager to know who is entering and records the event for security use.


Residential access control systems in NYC have many advantages and are solutions for many of a building manager's problems. They allow easy programming of who is allowed access to what doors, can record who enters and even who exits (and when), and can be changed or modified without need of expensive lock changes and new keys being made.

These systems can also become more sophisticated, allowing or disallowing access at specific times of day, to some but not other people (or groups of people), and so forth. Building supers can be given universal access while mail carriers or janitorial staff can be given limited access, etc.

Best of all, when tenants turn over or other changes are made, the building's managers don't even need to be present to make changes to the access control system's security. Cards and their access privileges can be changed or revoked remotely, even if the card is not present or the manager is out of NYC at the time. Secure, remote access is given to most NYC access control systems through the Internet.
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