Residential Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can offer NYC premises monitoring and can alert authorized users as to which doors and windows are open, which rooms are occupied, and other services that help building managers and home owners protect their properties and residents.

For building managers in New York, monitoring of key areas such as utility closets and rooms, fire-prone areas such as boiler rooms and janitorial storage closets, etc. can be accomplished automatically with a proper alarm system. A panic button on the control panel can be used to immediately alert whomever needs to be summoned, such as police, fire, medical response, or security.

This residential monitoring can be monitored from off-site, so that building managers and owners need no be present on the premises at all times or in order to respond to a situation.

In homes, fire, carbon gas, and other monitoring can be done automatically with alarms and panic buttons for alerting those in the home as well as emergency responders should something be detected. This can help loved ones escape before the situation becomes life-threatening or get help more quickly than by trying to find a phone and make the 911 call.

Whether you own a large building of rental units or a private home, give Lineup Security NYC a call today and let one of our experts assess your security and alarm needs and give you a free estimate and quote, on-site, with no obligation.
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Large Residential Application

In a large residential building, such as an apartment, condo, or similar complex, alarm systems in New York are often employed to watch for smoke, fire, carbon gases, and more. A professionally-installed seurity system will monitor key areas and individual rooms including elevators, storage closets, electrical closets, utility rooms, and more.

When an alarm is triggered, it can then give the exact location of the problem to increase response time and make responses more efficient. Alarm systems in NYC can even be set up to monitor the roof, emergency exits, and basements to keep off-limits areas monitored for intrusion.

A good New York alarm system will cut down on vandalism, theft, accidents, and will lower property insurance premiums.

At Lineup Security NYC, we can send an expert to your building, free of charge, to assess and discuss your alarm system needs. Our professional-grade systems are more affordable than you may think and are installed with future possibility of upgrade or extension in mind. Once in place, these sensors and control units are almost completely maintenance-free and we provide full training to show you and your staff how to operate the system. Give us a call and let's talk about your alarm needs today.

Home Owners Or Renters

For home owners and renters in the New York area, a quality alarm system offers security, safety, and peace of mind.

A well-installed, professional alarm system can alert you to intruders (pinpointing which door or window is open), which room is being occupied, and can alert police when triggered or when you press the panic button.

In addition, these security systems can also monitor for fire, smoke, carbon gas, and other hazards that may cause an emergency in your home. In these instances, a panic button can alert medical or fire responders and alarms can tell you and your family of the danger so you can get out of harm's way.

Homeowners and renters in New York can instruct a professional monitoring service what to do when different scenarios arise. For burglary or other intrusions, for instance, security may be summoned and police notified. For fire or smoke, the fire department can be dispatched immediately.

A well-designed and installed alarm system in NYC can not only lower insurance premiums, but bring peace of mind to the family in the home.
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