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You manage or own a building in NYC with several entrances, public areas, and elevators as well. For liability and security purposes, you want to be able to view events as they occur, and review them as needed in the future.

So, you’d benefit by installing CCTV cameras at various places around the building: the building perimeter in New York, by the main entrance, by the side or service entrances, in the lobby, the gym, sitting areas, elevators, or wherever else need be. You’d be able to monitor them all from just one place.

Remember, CCTV surveillance systems in NYC act as deterrents and, when the footage has a unique DVR watermark, are submissive evidence in any court of law.
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Closed circuit television systems in New York will improve both your home or building's property value, and its peace of mind.

CCTV systems in NYC can also help save on city tickets -- if the landlord gets a ticket for disobeying New York city recycling ordinances, the building managers can refer to tapes to see how the breach occurred, and who put out their recycling on the improper night.

Tenants in NYC will feel more secure in their environs, and your investment will be protected.

Closed-circuit buildings in NYC are less accessible to thieves, and more attractive to tenants. A closed circuit building in New York with a good access control system will be the safest place on the NYC block, one with the most peace of mind.


Closed circuit television in New York have a number of important residential applications.

Footage shot on closed circuit systems can be counted as legal evidence admissible in a court of law in NYC.

Footage can be monitored in a remote facility -- landlords and building managers in NYC do not need to be on-site to watch their building's surroundings and goings-on.

Costs are low: storage costs are negligible -- footage can be burned onto DVDs, which can be stored as legal evidence.

Closed Circuit television in NYC require just a one-time installation, and are upgradeable -- via more advanced cameras -- and extendable -- cameras in more places -- at any time. Maintenance costs are low in New York.
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