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Most time and attendance systems work in basically the same way. They record the coming and going of employees and from that data, calculate hours worked and feed that into the payroll system for compensation.

Time AttendanceSome systems are based on a simple punch-clock with physical punch-cards that require recording, storage, and many hands-on tasks related to them. Newer NYC Time Attendance systems are electronic, storing the information in a computer system and adding more automation to the procedures.

The systems designed specifically for NYC area demands often include much more automation and better controls for the information gathered. The captured data can be stored, calculated in real-time, and comply with all State and Federal legal requirements for NYC employee time keeping.

Lineup Security NYC can provide you with a free consultation, at your place of business, and show you a design for a perfect, customized Time attendance system in NYC to meet your needs and that comes within your budget. We can likely show you how to free up much of your security and payroll tracking tasks to save you money over time as well.


A well-designed time attendance management system in NYC will completely automate every aspect of the time tracking, storage, and related processes. This saves most business owners hours of bookkeeping and payroll costs.

If your business already has an electronic access control system, then you may be surprised at how easily an employee time tracking system in NYC can be added to it without any major equipment upgrades. This combines not only your security system and time keeping systems, but also helps effectively manage your workplace more efficiently.

All aspects can be controlled from an employee's arrival to lunch breaks to going home, keeping exact times down to the tenth of a second if you need. Information and graphical reports can be quickly generated and printed with software on-the-spot and with real-time data to help you manage your payroll costs.

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