Turnstile Access Control Systems

Turnstiles are typically utilized for crowd control, creating orderly entering and exiting of patrons at large venues and establishments. This controlled environment also allows personnel to collect entry tickets or access fees at the point of entry. Their use and construction have changed over the years to meet new standards of efficiency.

What Are Turnstiles and How Do They Help Security?

Turnstile Turnstiles are access gates that allow for the passage of people in an orderly fashion. They are commonly used in large venues such as subways, amusement parks, transit stations, and airports. Their sizes and operation can vary depending on the individual needs of the operator. For example, to allow for the passage of those with disabilities, a custom sized turnstile might be put into place to allow for comfortable use. In airports, wider turnstiles are often included to provide easy access for those with luggage.

From a security standpoint, the ability to slow down the movement of large crowds can have many benefits. By controlling the speed at which people enter the area, security teams can better assess individuals and be alerted to possible contraband and other potential trouble. When necessary, security personnel can prevent access to a restricted area.

There are several different types of turnstiles providing unique levels of access and security features. There are full height, waist high, optical and barrier optical turnstiles. Full height versions are engineered to provide the highest level of security and access control. Relying on card access control and biometrics access, waist high turnstiles offer superior security. When planning an aesthetic approach to security, optical and barrier optical security access control systems provide a more compact turnstile while retaining superior security control.

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